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African Hand carved coasters

Born & raised in Africa, I'm uniquely positioned to bring you authentic African art.

Wendy White was born and raised by her grandmother in a small village in Africa. At 23, she moved to Toronto, Canada where she has worked in sales and consulting for over 15 years. Focusing on Beauty, health and wellness products direct to consumers and through re-sellers,   Wendy’s dream was to find a way to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa. 

Shortly after her move to Canada Wendy began to develop some ideas around importing authentic African art and in 2018 she founded TRIBE Design Essentials, beginning a journey to identify and work with African Artists and help them showcase their talent in Canada and throughout the world.  

African Hand made Juju hats

By purchasing Art from TRIBE you are making a real difference in the lives of the artists, their family and in some cases an entire community.

As someone who has lived the “village life”, she understands that people in Africa are hard-workers and strive to make the most of their lives, learning and implementing their skills.  

While working as a model throughout the 90’s she found herself among many artists and craftsman/women, some of them living and working on the streets, her growing passion for the people and diverse cultures and their expressions of these cultures inspired her, she knew someday she would work with her people to give them a greater voice. 


Changing lives one artist at a time

 Over this last year Wendy is so proud to have this opportunity, she has found none of the artists she has visited with or began working with expect a “hand out”,  instead they are motivated self-starters and apply themselves to the challenge of assisting TRIBE in marketing their work. 

Wendy enjoys researching and travelling all over Africa meeting dynamic artists and building a strong portfolio for TRIBE clientele. She makes herself available to work with different designers, decorators and consumers looking for unique art items from the motherland.

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